The Woodshop


Newsham's Woodshop Inc., a family owned and operated business established in 1983, is a full scale 8,000 square foot cabinet shop located in the Aldan Industrial Park, near the suburbs of Philadelphia.




From manufacturing production pieces to designing and creating fine, custom cabinetry to laying out and fabricating proto-type wood parts, Newsham's Woodshop has built a reputation for delivering quality custom wood products to specification and within required tolerances. Equipment such as a 10 foot Sliding Table Saw, 3 Overhead CNC ( Computer Numerical Controlled) Routers with 5' x 14', 5' x 10' and 5' x 10' cutting areas, a 36"Automatic Feed Sander, an Industrial Edge Bander and an Automatic Feed Planer etc., demonstrate the range of capability available to a variety of niche markets supported over the years.



Newsham's Woodshop has designed a line of Retail Display Cigar Humidors constructed with Mahogany & Oak trim; glued, screwed and doweled to ensure solid construction; clear lacquer finish for furniture-like display; ventilated shelving to maximize air flow and door gasket plus rubber plugs to maintain proper humidity. Adjustable Spanish Cedar Racking, fluted molding and staining options can create a more decorative look. These cases can be seen in cigar shops, convenience stores, casinos, lounges, liquor stores, sporting goods stores and barbershops across the country in 46 states including Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico.



Newsham's Woodshop can assist you in new store fixtures, counter units, library shelving and custom humidors for specialty tobacco products or functional displays. View some of our recent projects in
Custom Projects.



Another segment of the business includes manufacturing re-usable shipping and storage wood containers for large machinery or technical equipment and tooling using engineering drawings from aerospace, electronic and commercial industries.



CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled) Equipment has evolved into the new shop tool and is critical to industries using digital and computer generated CAD drawings for aerospace, architectural and proto-type applications. Now on our 3rd CNC router, Newsham's Woodshop incorporates various software programs to manipulate digital and CAD files into 2-D & 3-D wood, foam and acrylic models for industrial, commercial and architecture firms throughout the region.



For more information regarding shop capabilities, assisting in your next project, or for quoting a custom piece, Contact Us at 610-622-5800 or email us at Info@Newshamswoodshop.com.